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Acronym for "Ĥan-Gulim-Munĵa Kodo" (Code of Chinese characters), a new code created by a French student, Sébastien Gantois¹ , for encoding every Chinese character, even Việt-Namese Chữ nôm or Korean Gugyeol, using radicals numbers for description. It mean that the code has to be as shorter as possible.

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The HGMK looks like this:

radical number-strokes left-(other radicals apearing)

in Minlingo (latin script):
eltermunĵa zenbakkodo-cuzeca jazmakidzenbako-(cuzeca eltermunĵa zenbakkodo)

(this last part will not be present on radicals codes)

For example, the character 一 is a radical itself, the radical #1, so its code is: 001-00

The code for 猫 is 094-08-(140-102) ➔ 094=(犭) +8 strokes (苗) consisting of 140=(艹) and 102=

It can also be used for Nôm: the character 𠊛 has for code: 009-10-(072-001-041)

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