Minlinga hikkotobkambiso Wiki

Minlinga hikkotobkambisen guteniko!

Lio minlingos iqla lingel hikkotobkambiso das. Ĉiu minlingon lernopas!

Лио минлингос иңла лингел хиккотобкамбисо дас. Чиу минлингѫ лернопас!

!لِاْ مِنلِنقْس اِعلَ لِنقٔل حِککْتْبکَمبِسْ دَس۔ چِاُ مِنلِنقْن لٔرناْپَس

리오 민린곳 이ᇰ라 린걸 힠코톱캄비소 닷。치우 민린곤 러ᇐ느오팟!

此오 皆語곳 이ᇰ라 語迄 電言本소 닷。全우 皆語곤 習能팟!

This is a Minlingo-English dictionary. Everyone can learn Minlingo!

Do you know that Minlingo is an Esperantido language? It is the sole Esperantido inspirated from the whole world, and not just occidental languages.

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