The Reform of Minlingo is a reform of the Minlingo language made during the summer 12014 H.E..

The main points of this reform are the merging of the formal speech and the daily speech into a single speech (causing creation of new words, and disappearing of some others); the disappearing of some character (remaining only for transcribing other languages), the creation of new characters (for transcribing other languages too), and the liberalisation of Hangulimmunĵoj use(before, the rule was one character per reading, depending on the sense).

Creation of an unique speechEdit

This is for simplify the language. different change can be seen on words pages in this site.

Phonology modificationsEdit

the characters... ...and... ...will merge into...
h һ ح ㆆ ĥ х خ ㅎ h х ح ㅎ
z з ط ㅿ ẑ ѕ ظ ᅆ z з ط ㅿ

and the new transcription-characters are ĕ ѧ ـٍ and ѩ (see Phonology of Minlingo).

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